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How To Run Referral Reports (Doctor, Patient, Responsible, Other, etc.)

How To Run Referral Reports (Doctor, Patient, Responsible, Other, etc.)


To run a referral report for the various referral sources. 

Step by Step:

Print a referral report using the outside doctor option and specified date range by clicking Functions, Referrals.

NOTE: This report can also be run for doctor types, staff, patients, responsible parties, and siblings.
Also note that the numbers shown by this report can change if referrals are changed from how they were originally entered (changed to a different date, referral entered in error and then removed entirely, referral entered for wrong doctor and then deleted and entered with correct doctor). Deleting a patient from the system, however, does not affect the referral numbers, although the patient's name will no longer be shown in doctor specifics (see step 8 below).

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Referrals.

2.  Choose the referral type:

-- Referral (In):  Referrals from outside sources TO the practice
-- Referral (Out): Referrals from the practice TO other doctors
-- Wilting:  Outside referrals which are declining by a percentage you specify

3.  Click Outside Doctors or other referral source if required.

To run the report for a single doctor select One in the Outside Doctors section. After clicking OK a list of the outside doctors is presented.

4.  Leave the Report Dates drop-down set to All Dates to run for all dates, or use the drop-down to select other predefined date ranges. Custom Date will allow you to specify exact dates.

5.  Select location under Location, or leave the default set to All Locations.

6.  Select the internal (staff) doctor under Doctor, or leave the default set to All Doctors.

7.  Click OK to run the report.

8.  When the Detail Referral List for Outside Doctors window opens, select the type of sorting in the Sort Referrals by section. You may also view specifics for a particular doctor by double-clicking on that doctor's name; to print results for just that particular doctor from the list, open that doctor then click Print from that doctor's Detail Referral List window.

NOTE:  The 'Charges' include Other Charges (charges from procedures), Late Charges, and Converted Balances.

NOTE: The Graph Information section at the bottom allows you to view graphical charts for either All Sources or just the top 10 sources based on the sorting order that is chosen at the top. These charts can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate button in the Graph Information section (Referrals, Charges, Payments, Contracts, or Custom to build your own chart). The charts can be viewed multiple ways by clicking the display options in the bottom left hand corner, or printed out.

The Graph Information does not appear as part of the standard printed report; to print the graphs they must be viewed individually.
9.  Click Print to print the report if desired.

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