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How To Save Custom View Charting Screen Layout: Working With Detached Tabs In Charting

How To Save Custom View Charting Screen Layout: Working With Detached Tabs In Charting

With OrthoTrac versions 11+ it is possible to detach the tabs in Charting to arrange in a layout across the entire desktop, but how can the system be set up so that the doctor doesn't have to do it every time a chart is opened?


Arrange the tabs as you wish and then select Save Current View in Charting.

1.  Select Functions, Patient Chart, Charting from the OrthoTrac main menu.

2.  Double-click a patient from the list.  (Any patient will do.)

3.  Select View Charting.

4.  Arrange the screen as desired detaching and arranging the tabs.  To detach a tab, select that tab and press <Ctrl-F1> on the keyboard.

5.  Click on the main Charting window to make it the active window.

6.  Press <Ctrl-F5>.   You can also select View, Customize Display, Save Current View.

7.  Close the patient's chart.

8.  Open Charting for another patient to confirm that the changes have been saved.

To restore the system defaults:

To restore the system defaults select  ViewCustomize DisplayRestore System Default View.

Predefined Layouts of Detached Tabs

NOTE: Predefined layouts of detached tabs are available as of version 11.4 of OrthoTrac. To use the predefined layouts follow the steps below.

1.  Select View, Customize Display, Predefined Layouts from the Charting window.

2.  Select one of the predefined layouts:  Image with Notes, Image with TxPlan, Image with ToothChart, or TootChart with Notes.

3.  Select Yes if the layout is satisfactory then skip to step 05.  If the layout is not satisfactory click No and go to the next step.

4.  Rearrange the windows as desired then click View, Customize Display, Save Current View.

5.  Click Yes if the view should be used for all other workstations.  Click No if it should not be used on other workstations.

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