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How to Get Printed Letters to Show / Display in Charting and Patient Tracking

How to Get Printed Letters to Show / Display in Charting and Patient Tracking


How to configure OrthoTrac so that printed letters show in Charting and Patient Tracking.


The Archive Word Processing Documents function must be enabled. Charting can be set up to display letter history under Treatment Card Maintenance.  Patient Tracking can be set to display letter history in Display Options under Patient Tracking.

Only letters that have been confirmed will be displayed.  Any letters that do not show up in Patient Tracking / Charting were deleted instead of confirmed.   These letters are gone and will not be displayed unless they are posted, printed, and confirmed again.

NOTE:  If Archive Word Processing Documents is checked in System Options and Letter History is set to display in Patient Tracking and letters are still not being archived, check the mapping of the U: drive (the server drive.)  The U: drive should be mapped to the lever ABOVE the OMS folder so that the system will have access to both the OMS and the OMS-Spec folders of the server.

NOTE: These settings will not function correctly unless Ortho Imaging is installed.

How to Turn On Archival of Word Processing Documents

1.  Select Functions, Maintenance/Set-Up, System Maintenance.

2.  Select System Options.

3.  Click the box to the left of Archive Word Processing Documents.

4.  Click OK.

5.  Click OK to acknowledge the System Update message.

6.  Click Close to close the System Maintenance window.

7.  Restart OrthoTrac.

How to Configure Charting to Display Letter History

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Charting Maintenance.

2.  Verify that the Display Letter History check box under the Charting Options section has an 'X' in it. If the Display Letter History check box does not have an 'X' in it, click in the check box to turn the setting on.

3.  Click the OK button to save the changes.

4.  When the System Update message box is displayed, click on the OK button.

How to Configure Patient Tracking to Display Letter History

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Patient Chart, Patient Tracking.

2.  Select a patient.  For this process any patient will suffice.

3.  Click Display Options.

4.  Put a check in the Letter History check box.

5.  Click OK.

6.  Click Save Changes.

7.  Close the patient chart.

How to Confirm Printed Letters to Document Storage

1.  Click Functions, Word Processing, Post and Print Letters from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Scan the Printed column for any numbers other than zero.

3.  Double click on a number in the Printed column.  A window will open which will provide the options to Confirm Letter, Print Letter, or Remove Letter.

4.  Select the letter(s) to be confirmed.

5.  Click Confirm.

6.  Click Yes to confirm that the letter(s) should be confirmed.  The confirmation window will close and the number in the Printed column in the Post and Print window will be reduced by the number of letters that were confirmed.

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