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How to Print a List of Appointments for a Schedule Day that Was Deleted By Mistake

How to Print a List of Appointments for a Schedule Day that Was Deleted By Mistake


Deleted a day from the schedule by mistake, without realizing there were appointments scheduled on that day.  Can a list of the cancelled appointments be printed?


It is possible to delete a day from the schedule that has been loaded for the future, even when appointments are still scheduled on that day.  Before deleting a day from the schedule, it is a good idea to print the schedule so the appointments can be rescheduled if necessary.  Orthotrac does warn you when deleting a future day or range of days, stating that any appointments on those days will be cancelled, but occasionally mistakes do happen and the day is deleted without you making a note of the appointments first.  How can you fix this?

Whenever a schedule day is deleted, the appointments for that day are saved in a file called Schdel.txt.  This file is saved in the C:\OMS folder on the server.   On a system running MICROSOFT Windows Terminal Server session, the file will be located under the OMS folder in the profile in which the computer was logged in to when the schedule was deleted.   Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\oms\SchDel.txt.

When days are deleted from the schedule and a SchDel.txt already exists, the information on the appointments is added to the SchDel.txt.  Because of this, when viewing the file, there may be data on days deleted previously.

NOTE:  It is possible to delete days in the past from Schedule Maintenance.  Information on these days is NOT written to the SchDel.txt.

To locate and print the SchDel.txt  file:

1.  Click Options, Environment from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Make a note of the Server Path.

3.  Click Start, Run.

4.  Type the path noted in step 02.

5.  Click OK.

6.  Double-click the Schdel.txt file.  The file may appear as simply Schdel depending on how the computer is configured.

7.  Click File, Print to print the appointments to be added back to the schedule.  The most recently deleted days (and their corresponding appointments) will be at the bottom of the list.

8.  Close the Schdel.txt Notepad window.

9.   Add the day(s) back to the schedule. 

10.  Add the appointments back to the schedule from the printout.

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