How to Set a Staff Member to have Full Security Permissions

How to Set a Staff Member to have Full Security Permissions

Setting up a staff member to have full access to all functions in OrthoTrac.

Enable all functions in security maintenance for the specified staff member.

NOTE:  The following steps can only be performed by a staff member who has access to the security settings (usually the doctor or office manager).  If you do not have access to Security, Carestream support personnel can make changes for you, but must first receive a note, on office letterhead signed by the doctor, detailing the requested changes.

1.  From the main menu of the OrthoTrac software, click Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Security.

2.  Click By Staff.

NOTE:  Security settings set using the By Staff option will override any settings from the By Staff Type option.  Once a security setting has been changed for a staff member using the By Staff option, that staff member will have their own security profile which will not be affected by the By Staff Type settings.

3.  Select the staff member under By Staff who should have full permissions in OrthoTrac.

4.  Click Financials in the Category section.

5.  Click Enable All.

6.  Repeat steps 4 and 5, working through the list of Categories.

7.  Click OK on the Security window.

8.  Click OK on the System Update window.

9.  Close OrthoTrac.

10.  Log back into OrthoTrac.

11.  Log in as the staff member who was changed.

12.  Verify that the staff member can access all OrthoTrac functions.

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