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How to Turn the "HIPAA Security Audit Logging" Option On or Off

How to Turn the "HIPAA Security Audit Logging" Option On or Off

How to enable or disable the HIPAA security audit log.


The HIPAA Security Audit Log feature tracks the successful/unsuccessful login and logout activity of the staff and the software functions that are accessed. The feature also enables a staff member with security access to purge selected portions of the data. It is enabled/disabled under System Options.

NOTE:  Staff members must have security permissions to view this report once the feature has been enabled.  For information on enabling these permissions, please see the article How to Setup Security Maintenance for a Staff Member to have Permissions to Print HIPAA Security Aud....

For information on viewing, printing, or purging data from the HIPAA Security Audit Log after it has been enabled, please see the article How to View, Print or Purge Data From the HIPAA Security Audit Log.

Please also be aware that the logfile will only track data from the time the logging function is turned on. It is not retroactive.

To enable or disable the HIPAA Security Audit Logging feature:

1.  From the main menu of the OrthoTrac software, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, System Maintenance.

2.  Select System Options.

3.  Click in the Enable HIPAA Security Audit Logging check box to remove the check and disable HIPAA audit logging.

4.  Click the OK button.

5.  When the System Update message is displayed, click the OK button.

6.  Click the Close button to close the System Maintenance window.

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