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OrthoTrac: Adding New Schedule Standards

OrthoTrac: Adding New Schedule Standards

To add new standards:

1.    Select Functions > Maintenance/Set-up > Schedule Maintenance from the menu bar.

2.    In the Schedule Maintenance window, click Add in the Standards section of the window. The Create Standard window is displayed.

3.    In the Description field, type a name for the new standard, such as the day(s) or reason that this standard will be used.

4.    In the Start Time field, type the start time for this standard.

5.    In the End Time field, type the end time for this standard.

6.    In the Times field, type the number of minutes for each unit for this standard.

7.    In the Chairs field, type the number of chairs in your office.

Note: It is recommended that you create standards with at least one more chair than you actually have. This can be used for emergencies and overbooking.

8.    Select how your standard is displayed by clicking one of the option buttons.

9.    Click OK to save your changes.

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