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OrthoTrac: Adding Staff Members

OrthoTrac: Adding Staff Members

To add new staff members:

1.    Select Functions > Maintenance/Set-up > Staff Maintenance from the menu bar.

2.    In the CS OrthoTrac Staff Lookup window, click Add New. The Staff Maintenance window is displayed.

3.    In the Salutation field, select a salutation from the drop-down list.

4.    In the Name field, click to display a window where you can type the staff member’s First name, Middle name, Last name, Title, and Common name.

5.    In the User ID field, type a unique User ID using any combination of numbers or letters. This ID must be typed in the OrthoTrac User Login window if you are using the Force Unique User ID HIPAA security option.

6.    In the Phone field, type the phone number of the staff member, extension, and type. To display the Add Phone Number window, double-click <Add New Phone Number>.

7.    In the Address field, type the address of the staff member. To display the Edit Address window, double-click <Add Address>.

8.    In the Birthday field, type the birthday of the staff member.

9.    In the Staff Type field, use the drop-down list to select the job title of the staff member.

10.    The Language field defaults to the language configured in the operating system’s regional settings, but can be changed by using the drop-down list.

11.    In the Date Hired field, type the date the staff member was hired.

12.    Click an option button to indicate the status of the staff member: Active, Terminated, or On Leave. If you select Terminated, the Date Left field is active, enabling you to enter the date the staff member left the practice.

13.    In the Normal Hours per Day field, enter the maximum number of hours the staff member can work per day before overtime begins to be accrued.

14.    In the Normal Hours per Week field, enter the maximum number of hours per week the staff member can work before overtime begins to be accrued.

15.    The fields in the Insurance Information section are for doctor information only. You must have the doctor selected in the Staff Maintenance window to type in these available fields.

16.    Click Options. The Staff Options window is displayed.

17.    To display this staff member’s active To-Do items when he logs into the software, select the Show Staff To Do Items at Login when Active Items Exist checkbox.

18.    To display this staff member’s Staff Mail window when he logs into the software, select the Show Staff Mail at Login when New Mail is Present checkbox.

Note: If no new mail exists, the Staff Mail window is not displayed at login.

19.    Select one of the available options from the drop-down list in the Action to take when opening Chart field.

20.    To remove a staff member’s password, click Remove Password. The current password for the staff member is removed from the software, and the staff member must set a new password before using the software.

21.    To change the password of the selected staff member, click Password. The Change Password window is displayed. Click here for information on changing a password.

22.    Click OK to save your changes and return to the Staff Maintenance window, or click Cancel to close the Staff Options window without making changes.

23.    In the Staff Maintenance window, click OK. A message is displayed, informing you that you must exit and reopen the software before these changes take effect.

24.    Click OK. Exit and reopen the software or select Options > Copy Database Files to have the changes take effect.

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