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OrthoTrac: CS OrthoTrac Cloud Helps Practices Save Money with Cloud-Based Software

OrthoTrac: CS OrthoTrac Cloud Helps Practices Save Money with Cloud-Based Software

Since 1982, Carestream Dental’s OrthoTrac practice management software has helped orthodontic practices run more efficiently. However, as technology develops, many orthodontists are looking to avoid the costly expenses of installing and maintaining an IT infrastructure. To help practitioners avoid these costs, Carestream Dental has developed a new cloud solution, CS OrthoTrac Cloud, which is available for both PC and Mac users to meet the rising demand for software compatible with Mac computers. CS OrthoTrac Cloud combines all of the features that OrthoTrac users are accustomed to with the convenience of a centralized, Web-based platform. With cloud-based software, a monthly subscription fee eliminates the high cost of maintaining servers. In addition, the software allows quick access to patient information from any device at any time and any location.

Dr. Nathan McKeta, of Bay Tree Orthodontics in Mt. Pleasant, S.C., can attest to the benefits of switching to CS OrthoTrac Cloud from traditional practice management software, especially since he faced a unique problem while looking to replace his practice’s IT infrastructure. Crashes due to aging equipment were not his only worry; he also had the ongoing concern of a hurricane or other natural disaster – events quite common in his area – damaging his practice’s facility and all of the equipment and data stored on the premises.

Making the switch to CS OrthoTrac Cloud provided immediate benefits for Dr. McKeta’s practice. “I was able to replace my front desk, imaging and chairside units with reasonably priced workstations, and I did not have to use an IT company to configure the network,” said Dr. McKeta. He saved even more money because CS OrthoTrac Cloud includes cloud-based Word and Excel software, eliminating the need to purchase multiple licenses of Microsoft Office for the individual workstations. Dr. McKeta also enjoys peace of mind because his data is not stored on a local server that is susceptible to damage from hurricanes.

Along with these financial benefits, CS OrthoTrac Cloud provides Dr. McKeta with convenient access to patient and practice information. With patient data stored in the cloud, he can access it anywhere. This has greatly improved his work/life balance. “It’s nice to not stay in the office to write letters – it’s especially a concern in the summer, because we’ll see four new patients a day,” said Dr. McKeta. “Thanks to cloud-based access, I can compose patient and doctor correspondence from home instead of having to work through lunch or stay late at the office.”

To read more about Dr. McKeta’s successful implementation of CS OrthoTrac Cloud, click here. For more information on the benefits of CS OrthoTrac Cloud and to find out how to bring the cloud-based software to your own practice, click here.

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