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OrthoTrac Cloud: Installing Citrix Receiver / Cloud on a Windows Computer

OrthoTrac Cloud: Installing Citrix Receiver / Cloud on a Windows Computer

The attached document provides the installation steps for Citrix Receiver / Orthotrac Cloud on a Windows computer.  You may right-click the filename and select Save As to save it to your computer.

NOTE:  The process is different on Macintosh computers.  For directions on installing on a Mac, please see the knowledge article  .

The steps are also provided below in this article.

1.  Open an internet browser and go to  .  The full address must be used;  typing it simply as  , without the https://  part, will cause it to time out.

2.  Click the box to agree with Citrix's license agreement and click Install.

3.  The option will be presented to Run or Save the Citrix Receive installer.  Select Run.  (If Save is selected it will be necessary to run the program after it has been downloaded.)  Click Yes or Allow to any Windows Security warnings that may be presented as the installation is started.

4.  When the installation has completed a message Installation Completed Successfully is presented.  Click OK to exit and complete the installation.

5.  When a pop-up asking if you would like to enter the URL to access new applications is presented, select I will enter the URL now.

6.  In the server address field enter the following URL  (note that it is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown below):

7.  Click the Update button.

8.  The logon screen should pop up automatically.  Input your domain and username.  Example:

mypractice\Smith101.  The middle character MUST be entered as a backslash, not a forward slash.  You should have the user ID you wish to use.  It will usually be the doctor or practice name and it will always end with three numbers. 

You should also know the password for the account.  If you do not know the password, please contact Orthotrac Support at 866-722-2567.  

After entering the domain, username, and password, click Log On.   If you have no idea what user name to use, Orthotrac Support can be contacted at 866-722-2567 to get an ID that is not already in use by other workstations.   If you are already using all of the available user IDs, you will need to contact Sales to purchase additional Cloud user IDs.

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