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OrthoTrac: Error (Patients Currently Loaded Conflict with System Date) When Attempting to Open Patient Flow

OrthoTrac: Error (Patients Currently Loaded Conflict with System Date) When Attempting to Open Patient Flow


"Scheduled patients currently loaded in patient flow conflict with system date"

The above message displays when the office is attempting to open Patient Flow on one workstation. Patient Flow is then closing on all other computers.


At least one computer has an incorrect system date and time. Correct the system date and time settings on all workstations and then run the Reload Patient Flow utility on the server.

NOTE: If this problem is encountered then you should also investigate the knowledge page Error: (Charting: You are Attempting to Edit Charting Data on a Computer that has the Date/Time sett... to see if a problem exists in Charting.

1. Check the date and time settings on every computer on the network. Correct those systems with incorrect date/time settings. 

2. Have all office staff exit completely out of Orthotrac except for a single workstation.

3. On that single workstation, select Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Support, Reload Patient Flow.

NOTE: If the Support option is not visible, go to Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Security. Select "By Staff", select the staff member who should have access to support utilities, then select the "Maintenance" radio button and set "Support Utilities" to "Yes". If you do not have access to Security, contact your office manager or the doctor to obtain access. After making the permissions change, restart OrthoTrac for the change to take effect and the Support option will then be visible under Maintenance/Setup.

4. When the reload utility completes (a window will open briefly and then close), launch Patient Flow as normal by going to Functions, Patient Flow.  Verify that patient flow has loaded correctly and that the error no longer occurs. 

NOTE: The Reload Patient Flow utility will remove all appointment information from the PatflowDeck table including walk-in appointments that are NOT on the schedule because they were scheduled from the Patient Flow screen using the Add Patient button. Walk-in appointments must be re-added to patient flow.

ADDITIONAL NOTE:  In rare cases the Reload Patient Flow utility will not remove future entries correctly.  If the error message still occurs after running the utility, please contact OrthoTrac Support directly at 866-722-2567 or   for assistance.

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