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OrthoTrac: How To Change the Ranking of a Patient's Insurance Carriers

OrthoTrac: How To Change the Ranking of a Patient's Insurance Carriers

How To Make an Insurance Carrier Primary, Secondary, etc:

***NOTEOrthoTrac does not allow a carrier to be ranked as 0 if there is a balance on the carrier.  If the responsible party has changed carriers, transfer the balance from the old carrier to the new carrier then change their ranking.

1.  Click Functions, Patient Chart, Patient Information from the OrthoTrac main menu.

2.  Select patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.

3.  Click OK.

4.  Double-click the first responsible party that has insurance from the Relative grid at the bottom left.  In version 12 and higher the relatives are listed as Family Members.

5.  Click the drop-down arrow on the Carrier drop-down box.

6.  Click <Rank Ins. Co>.

7.  Click the Rank column for any insurance that is not active.  When there is not an inactive Insurance carrier, skip step 7.  When there is more than one inactive insurance carriers repeat steps 7 and 8 for each inactive carrier.

8.  Type: 0

9.  Press <Tab>.

10.  Click the Rank column for the primary insurance carrier.

11.  Type: 1

12.  Press <Tab>.

13.  Click on the Rank column for the secondary insurance carrier.

14.  Type: 2

15.  Press <Tab>.

***NOTEWhen there are more carriers that to be ranked, repeat steps 13 through 15 for the remaining carriers, incrementing the rank by one each time a carrier is being ranked.   Also, note that there should never be two carriers with the same rank and that numbers should not be skipped.  They must be in numeric order in increments of 1.

16.  Click OK to return to the Responsible Party Information window.

17.  Click OK to return to the Patient Information window.

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