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OrthoTrac: How To Edit Posted Letters and Save Changes Before Printing

OrthoTrac: How To Edit Posted Letters and Save Changes Before Printing

To edit posted letters and save changes before printing.


Version 12 of OrthoTrac introduced a new "Edit Letter" feature that allows you to edit letters before printing them. The letters can be edited as often as you like, saving additional changes each time, and then printed when changes are completed. This is useful for offices that like to modify their letters from the default text, or frequently need to add additional information that is not in the default text. It is no longer necessary, nor is it useful, to edit the letter only at the end using the "Preview" function when trying to print the letter; additionally, due to the way documents are stored, this will no longer save these final changes to the document saved to document storage. Only changes made prior to the final print process will be saved to document storage.

PLEASE NOTE that this feature is not available to clients who do not use both OrthoTrac and CS Ortho Imaging.

The Post and Print Letters screen has been modified to include four categories:
Ready for Review: Letter has been posted but not viewed or edited
Under Review: Letter has been opened to view at least once. If any changes have been made to the letter, those changes have been saved.
Ready to Print: Letter is ready to print and no additional changes can be made.
Printed: Letter has been printed.

When a letter is in either of the first two categories, you may use the Edit function to edit the letter and save changes. After making changes and exiting the letter, OrthoTrac will ask if you want to set the letter to Ready to Print. If you are finished making changes, select Yes. If you want to make additional changes later, select No and the letter will remain in Under Review status.

1. From the main menu, select Functions, Word Processing, Post and Print Letters.

2. Select the letter you wish to post and click the Post Letter button.

3. Select the patient from the patient look-up window.

4. The number showing in the Ready for Review column will increase by one. Double-click on the number in that column for that letter. The list of patients who have had this letter posted is displayed.

5. Select the patient for whom you want to edit the letter and click the Edit Letter button.

6. The letter will merge and display onscreen. Make any changes you wish to make to the letter. When finished, click the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the letter and select Yes when asked if you want to save changes. Or, click the "Add-Ins" tab, then click the "Save and Close" icon at the far right of the OrthoTrac add-ins toolbar.

WARNING: After the letter closes, a "Please Wait, Sending to Document Storage" window will display briefly. It is essential that you allow this window to close completely before attempting to proceed with any other functions in OrthoTrac. This window will only appear for a few seconds so this should not be an issue. Attempting to click on other functions or go on with the remaining steps below BEFORE the "Please Wait, Sending to Document Storage" window disappears may cause the letter to not save changes properly!

7. You will be asked "Set letter status to Ready to Print?" If you will need to make additional changes to the letter, select No and the letter will be moved to the Under Review column, where you may continue to make changes to it. If you do not need to make any additional changes, select Yes and the letter will move to Ready to Print.

Once a letter is moved to Ready to Print, no additional changes can be made. However, letters in Ready for Review and Under Review can continue to be opened, and additional changes made to them, as often as is desired.

8. Continue to Edit the letter from the Under Review column as often as necessary until you are done making changes; at that point you should select Yes when asked if you want to set the letter to Ready to Print.  You may also print letters directly from the Under Review column by selecting the Print button if you wish.

9. Print the letter as usual.

10. Confirm the letter after printing to have it saved to document storage for that patient.

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