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OrthoTrac: How to Add An Image to a Letter

OrthoTrac: How to Add An Image to a Letter

The below steps will show you how to add a patient's image (or multiple images) to a letter.   Please note that these steps are only available when using Carestream Orthodontic Imaging in conjunction with Orthotrac. 

1.  Click Functions, Word Processing, Letter Setup from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Select the letter from the list.

3.  Click the Change Letter button.

4.  When the Change Letter window is displayed, click the Edit Letter button.  The Edit Letter button may be displayed as Edit Patient Letter, Edit Responsible or Edit Doctor Letter based on the Addressee of the letter.

5.  Click the Insert Frame icon on the OrthoTrac toolbar.  This turns the mouse arrow to a plus sign, which indicates the mouse can be used to draw a frame.  If Word 2007 or later is being used the OrthoTrac toolbar is in the Add-Ins tab. In the below screenshot the Insert Frame icon is highlighted in red.

6.  Use the mouse to draw the square/rectangle into which the image will be inserted.  The square/rectangle can be fine-tuned using the handles in the frame.  The entire frame can also be dragged into a different location if needed.

7.  Click inside the frame to place the cursor there.

NOTE: More detailed formatting of the frame can be accomplished by right-clicking on the frame edge, then choosing Format Frame.  To lock the image in the location where it was drawn, de-select Move with text and select Lock anchor

8.  Click the Orthodontic Imaging icon on the OrthoTrac toolbar.  This opens the Insert Image Object dialog box. In the below screenshot the Orthodontic Imaging icon is highlighted in red.

9.  Select the Visit: and Type: from the drop-down lists.  The Visit: and Type: will vary by office but a typical visit will be Most Recent or Initial Records.  The Type: will typically include Frontal Smile, Frontal Ceph, Left Buccal, etc.    It is also recommended to check the box Use Thumbnail as this will use a slightly lower-quality image suitable for printing rather than the original high resolution version.

10.  Click OK.  A numeric code will appear inside the frame representing the image.

11.  Click the Save and Close icon from the OrthoTrac toolbar.  In the below icon the Save and Close icon is highlighted in red.

12.  Click OK to close the Change Letter window.

13.  Close the Letter Setup window.

14.  Post and print the letter to confirm the image is displayed correctly.

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