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OrthoTrac: How to Add a Document Type to the Scans in Patient Tracking

OrthoTrac: How to Add a Document Type to the Scans in Patient Tracking


How to add a new document type to scans in Patient Tracking.


Add a new scan type and select BMP, PDF or Other box for file type. Other will look for all file types.

1.  Open any patient's chart.

2.  Click the Patient Tracking icon.

3.  Click Scan Document at the top.

4. Click the New button.

5. Type a name for the new type of scan. This will appear in the Patient Tracking description for each scan, so make it a general name, like Letters Received.

6.  Select one of the file types under the name. Bitmap will look for pictures with the .BMP extension. PDF will look for files with the .PDF extension. Other will look for all file types.

7.  Click OK to save. You will be returned to the Select Type dialogue box.

NOTE: If you receive the message You must type a UNIQUE name for the new type!, this means one of two things:

-- The name you entered is already in use by another document type. This can be verified by using the drop-down menu to select from the existing document types.

-- The name entered was previously in the database as a document type which has since been disabled and is no longer in use. However, the entry still remains in the database and so a second document type cannot be added with exactly the same name.

In either case the solution is to simply change the name slightly to allow entry of the new name.

8.  Click Cancel. If you need to actually scan in a new document (as opposed to just adding the new document type) then skip step 8 and select either Scan or Browse and continue as normal to add a new document.

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