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OrthoTrac: How to Download / Update the Payer ID Listing for Insurance Providers

OrthoTrac: How to Download / Update the Payer ID Listing for Insurance Providers

To update the Payer ID listing for insurance carriers.


NOTE: This process will search Electronic insurance carriers entered on your system by name and address. If the carrier matches (by name, state and ZIP code) a carrier listed in the Upsearch.dat file used as a source, then the carrier will be updated on your system with the correct payer ID. If the carrier does not match by name, city and state, or if the carrier is not set to Electronic, then the payer ID will not be updated.


If you need to get a printable list of current payer IDs to correct or change carriers that already have information entered but do not exactly match the source payer ID list, or to use as a reference when adding a new carrier, please see the section below "Obtaining the Payer ID List in Printed Format". 

The payer listing can be updated at any time and as frequently as needed.

1. From the main menu of OrthoTrac click Functions, Maintenance/Setup, eServices Setup.

2. Click on the Run button next to Payer Number Update.

3. Click Yes.

The system may display that it has already located the Upsearch.dat  file and ask you if this location is correct.  If this is correct, click Yes and skip to step 8. Otherwise proceed to step 4 below.

4. When the Locating Upsearch.dat window displays, click in the Look-in folder.

5. Locate the OMS-Spec folder on the server.  If you are performing these steps from a workstation, the location will be U:\OMS-Spec\  .  If you are doing this from the server, you will need to browse to the \OMS-Spec folder where Orthotrac has been installed.  The location may vary.  Default directory is C:\OMS-Spec\   . 

6. When the contents of the OMS-Spec folder display, double-click the ICOMM-ENVOY folder.

7. Double-click the Upsearch.dat file.

8. After the update completes, click OK.

9. Click Close to close the E-Services Setup window.



Obtaining the Payer ID List in Printed Format


1.  Click the following link to download the current Payer ID list:




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