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OrthoTrac: How to Post a Refund to a Credit Card

OrthoTrac: How to Post a Refund to a Credit Card

1.  Select Functions > Patient Chart > Financial Functions from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Double-click the patient in the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.

3.  Click Functions > Adjustments > Refund/Over-Payment.

4.  Use the Resp Party drop-down list to select the responsible party.

5.  Enter the amount of the refund (as a positive amount) in the Refund Amt box.

6.  Click Refund to Credit Card

NOTE: If Refund To Credit Card is not checked the adjustment will be posted but the funds will not be refunded on the credit card.

7.  Press <Ctr-S> to post the refund.

NOTE:  The refund will be posted to the last credit card number used by the responsible party.  If no credit card has been used on the account the credit card must be swiped to complete the refund.

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