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OrthoTrac: How to Set Up a Letter to Capture Electronic Signatures or Initials

OrthoTrac: How to Set Up a Letter to Capture Electronic Signatures or Initials

To configure a letter to allow the capture of electronic signature(s) or initials.


Please note that you must have an electronic signature pad installed and configured before you can capture signatures or initials.  For information on installing the signature pad, please see the article How to Set Up The Electronic Signature Feature (How to Install An Electronic Signature Pad)

Once the pad is installed, and you have added the fields to the letter using the below steps, instructions on actually capturing electronic signatures or initials can be found in the article: How to Capture Electronic Signatures Or Initials .

To add the necessary merge fields to a letter:

1. Click Functions, Word Processing, Letter Setup from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2. When the AWPS Letter Setup window is displayed, select the letter from the list.

3. Click Change.

4. Click the Edit Responsible or Edit Patient button.

NOTE: If there is both an Edit Responsible and Edit Patient button, the process must be repeated for both the responsible party letter and the patient letter.

5. Place the cursor in the letter where the signature or initials should be inserted.

6. Click the Insert Merge Field button on the tool bar.  (In some versions of Word you may need to click the Add-Ins tab to display the toolbar). 

7. When the Insert OrthoTrac Merge Field screen displays, select the merge field from the list.

NOTE: By typing the field the system will find the appropriate field.

The field <<ElectronicSignature>> will pull in a signature. 

The field <<ElectronicInitials>> will pull in the initials.  

NOTE:  The field <<ElectronicFarewell>> is to pull in the staff member's signature and is not covered in the scope of this document.  This page is for adding merge fields to capture the patient or responsible party's signatures or initials. 

8. Click OK to insert the field into the letter.

9. Save and close the letter.

10. Click OK on the Change Letter screen to save the changes to the letter.

11. When the System Update message displays, click OK.

12. Click Close to close the Letter Setup screen.

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