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OrthoTrac: Printing and Closing the Daysheet

OrthoTrac: Printing and Closing the Daysheet

If the deposit amounts match your payments in hand and all transactions appear to be correct, you can print and close the Daysheet.

To print and close the Daysheet:

1. Click Reports on the menu bar and confirm that Close Daysheet is selected.

2. The Daysheet reports listed above Close Daysheet print automatically.

***NOTE:  All five of the Daysheet reports are set to print as the default. If your office does not want a particular report to print, you can change this using the Daysheet Setup feature in System Maintenance. See Setting Up the Daysheet for more information.  The only report that is required to be printed is the Transaction Detail report.

3. To print the final Daysheet of the day, select Print! from the menu bar at the top of the window. The software displays a warning message, stating that you have selected to close the Daysheet and to store transactions permanently. Click Yes to continue or No to return to the preview window.

4. In the printer dialog box, verify that the correct printer is selected. If the Integrity Check is intact and no problems are detected, the software displays a Printout OK? prompt, requesting you to confirm that the Daysheet printed properly.

5. Since the Daysheet cannot be reprinted after it is closed, verify that the Daysheet printed properly.

6.  Wait until the reports are printed, and make sure the control number prints in the header of all reports before answering prompt, "Is Printout OK?".  

7.  Select Yes and the Daysheet closes, all transactions are removed from the Daysheet, and daily totals are reset to zero. The program automatically returns to the main menu.

8. Select No and the transactions remain on the Daysheet, and the Daysheet is not closed (although the printout has a control number). The Daysheet Preview window is displayed again. After checking the printer for paper jams, orientation, and so on, select Reports from the menu bar and make certain Close Daysheet is selected before printing again. Verify that the same Control # appears on the latest Daysheet and discard the earlier Daysheet.

***NOTE:  If Trial Balance is displayed in the Daysheet header, the Daysheet was not closed properly and must be printed again.

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