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OrthoTrac: Quick Add Patients

OrthoTrac: Quick Add Patients

Before you can use a patient’s chart, you must add the patient to the database. The Quick Add feature is the most common method of adding a patient.

Available from the main menu, Quick Add is typically used to set up appointments for new patients who are on the phone. Using this feature, you can quickly book an initial exam, and enter basic patient information. After the patient has had an initial exam and has decided to begin treatment, you can enter complete patient information.

The search method used by the Quick Add feature depends on the method you have selected to perform searches when scheduling. The methods available for scheduling are: Search by Procedure, Pre-Block Search, Open Time, and Freestyle Search. See Setting Up the Schedule for more information about schedule search methods.

To use the Quick Add feature:

  • From the main menu, select Functions > Quick Add. The Appointment Search For window is displayed.
  • If you have more than one office in your practice, the Schedule Office window is displayed first.
  • From the Appointment Search For window, select an available appointment time from the grid by clicking it once. Use the Appts. data in the center of the window and the bar graph at the bottom of the window to help you gauge how busy your office is on a particular day.
  • Click one of the buttons at the bottom of the window.
    • Statistics — Click this button to display data from your schedule to help you analyze the scheduling trends and productivity of your office.
    • View Day — Click this button to view the entire schedule for that day, if you need to adjust an appointment time for a patient. See Scheduling in View Mode for more information.
    • Schedule — After clicking Schedule, the next window that is displayed depends on the settings you made on the Quick Add Maintenance window. (See Set Up Quick Add for more information.) If you selected Yes in the Skip Patient Lookup? section, the Add Patient window is displayed. If you selected No, the CS OrthoTrac Patient Lookup window is displayed.
    • Options — Click this button to change the scheduling search parameters using the Search Options window. See Searching for Appointments for more information.
  • On the Patient Add window, enter the patient information, pressing the Tab key to move from field to field.
  • The fields on which the cursor stops vary, according to the settings and defaults you selected in the Patient Add Options window. For more information, see Patient Add Options.
  • Click OK. The Appointment Details window is displayed.


If the CS OrthoTrac Patient Lookup window is displayed, type the name of the new patient to confirm they are not already in the system. If they are not in the list, click Add New to display the Patient Add window and enter the patient information, pressing the Tab key to move from field to field.

  • Click OK. The Appointment Details window is displayed.
  • Click OK to schedule the appointment and return to the main menu.
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