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OrthoTrac: Removing a Single Credit Card Transaction From the Settlement Batch Before it is Settled

OrthoTrac: Removing a Single Credit Card Transaction From the Settlement Batch Before it is Settled

NOTE:  For OrthoTrac version 11.5 and higher, call eServices 800.944.6365.

This solution applies only to a credit card charge that was posted to an account by mistake, and is on the current settlement report that has NOT been settled.

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions > Financial Functions >Adjustments.

2.  Select the patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.

3.  Click OK.

4.  Click Payment Adjustment from the Type of Adjustment section.

5.  Select the credit card payment that was posted incorrectly.

6.  Click the Posted in Error button.  When the Posted in Error window displays, verify that the information is correct for the credit card payment being posted in error.  Click OK to complete the transaction, or click Cancel to cancel the transaction.  If Cancel is selected, begin with step 4 again to select the correct charge.

8.  When the Transaction Removed window displays indicating that the credit card transaction has been removed from the pending transactions, click OK.  The credit card is now reversed and the charge is also removed from the current settlement batch.

9.  If the transaction must be re-posted to a different account, re-post it as a new payment to the correct account. The credit card must be swiped again for the new transaction.

What happens next is based on circumstances below:

1. Same day adjustment (Transaction NOT settled) – OrthoTrac will generate a receipt print and a VOID receipt will be printed. The pending transaction will then be removed from the pending settlement.

NOTE: If you see an error contact an eServices representative for further assistance.

2. Next day adjustment (Transaction already settled) – OrthoTrac will generate a prompt indicating that transaction has been reconciled and prompt the client if they want to process a refund. If you select Yes to refund, a refund receipt is printed.

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