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OrthoTrac: Setting Up Auto Payments

OrthoTrac: Setting Up Auto Payments

To activate auto payments on patient accounts, you must enable the feature within the software.

To set up auto payments for a patient:

1.    Click the Financial Functions button in the patient chart. The Financial Functions — Charges and Payments window is displayed.

2.    Click the Auto Payments button.

3.    Click a tab to select the type of auto payment you want to set up for this patient. If the patient already has a contract, most of the auto payment information is filled in automatically. Type additional information in any blank fields.

The following fields require explanation.

4.    After completing the fields on the tab, click the Post Transactions button. The auto payments display on the left side of the window in chronological order.

Note: If the amount that is automatically calculated exceeds the total balance, a prompt is displayed, asking if you want to do this. Click Yes, but then manually edit the last payment to match the contract payment spread. Compare the Auto Payment totals with the contract and total balance and edit the Auto Payments when necessary.

Once auto payments are set up for a patient, a message is displayed every time a statement is generated for that account. If the patient is the responsible party, the message indicates that automatic payments are setup for that patient. If the patient is not the responsible party, the statement message indicates that automatic patients are set up for up to two patients associated with that responsible party.

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