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OrthoTrac: Some Patients are not Showing in the Patient Flow Screen on any Computer -Patient Flow did not Load Properly for the Day

OrthoTrac: Some Patients are not Showing in the Patient Flow Screen on any Computer -Patient Flow did not Load Properly for the Day


Patient Flow has been loaded for the day, but not all scheduled patients are being displayed. The missing patients are not displaying on any computer. Patients do not show even when clicking on the Earlier Appts. and Later Appts. buttons.

Solution 1:
Patient flow was only partially loaded. Reload Patient Flow to load the remainder of the scheduled patients.

NOTE: The uloadpf.exe utility will remove all appointment information from the PatflowDeck table including walk-in appointments that are NOT on the schedule because they were scheduled from the Patient Flow screen using the Add Patient button. The Walk-in appointments must be re-added to patient flow.

To run the Reload Patient Flow utility:

1. Have all office staff exit completely out of Orthotrac except for a single workstation.

2. On that single workstation, select Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Support, Reload Patient Flow.

NOTE: If the Support option is not visible, go to Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Security. Select "By Staff", select the staff member who should have access to support utilities, then select the "Maintenance" radio button and set "Support Utilities" to "Yes". If you do not have access to Security, contact your office manager or the doctor to obtain access. After making the permissions change, restart Orthotrac for the change to take effect and the Support option will then be visible under Maintenance/Setup.

3. When the reload utility completes (a window will open briefly and then close), launch Patient Flow as normal by going to Functions, Patient Flow.

4. Verify that all patients are now displayed.

Solution 2:
When solution 1 above does not resolve the problem, check Patient Flow Maintenance settings and verify they are set to display all the chairs that are scheduled in the schedule. When patient flow maintenance is not set to show all the scheduled chairs, add the additional chairs to Patient Flow Maintenance.

How to Change the Display to Show All Chairs:

1. From the main menu of the OrthoTrac software, click Functions, Schedule Appointment.

2. Double-click today's schedule date.

3. Verify the total number of chairs that are displayed on today's schedule.

4. Click Close.

5. From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click on Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Patient Flow Options

6. From the Patient Flow Setup and Maintenance screen, click the Locations tab.

7. Click the +- symbol across from Office 1, under Schedule Offices and Chairs.

8. Click in the additional chairs so that an X is displayed in the check box for each chair listed in step 3.

9. Click OK. Repeat Steps 5 through 7 for each Office/Location.

10. Click OK.

NOTE: Patient Flow settings are individually set for each workstation. Please repeat this process on all other computers that do not display all the patients.

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