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OrthoTrac: Tracking Recall History

OrthoTrac: Tracking Recall History

You can use the Patient Tracking feature to record a history of recall cards and labels that have been sent to a patient.

To configure recall history tracking to display in the Treatment Card view:

    • From the menu bar, select Functions > Maintenance/Set-up > Charting Maintenance. The Charting Maintenance window is displayed.
    • Select Display Recall History.
    • Click OK.

To view recall history information using Patient Tracking:

    • Select Functions > Patient Chart > Open Chart from the menu bar. The CS OrthoTrac Patient Lookup window is displayed.
    • Select a patient and click OK. The Chart window is displayed.
    • Select Functions > Patient Tracking. The Patient Tracking view is displayed.

Note:  Patient tracking data, including recall history information, is also displayed on the TxCard tab of the patient chart.

Note: You must select the Display Recall History option in the Charting Maintenance window to view printed labels and cards in Patient Tracking.

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This is great if you don't have the menu bar icons which are quicker for accessing patient detail.  I thought everyone had the icons on their menu bar (?)  Going through functions on the menu bar is certainly necessary if you need to access the system settings.

jameson​  or logan.driskell Perhaps you can also provide us your thoughts.

sreeder​ I didn't really have any thing further to add on the Recall History, as my focus is Imaging. However, I spoke with one of my Orthotrac agents, who told me sheritilley is right, most every one would have access to the icons. There are some cases when a computer would not have them, such as when it set up as Point-of-Care. The biggest point here is to get into  the Charting Maintenance Window & make sure the Display Recall History option is enabled for the Charting Module. If that option is not selected you would not be able to see  the Recall History in the Charting Module. jacevedo​ does that sound about right?

jameson, you are correct, in order to view this information in the Charting module, it needs to be enabled under the Charting Maintenance Section, otherwise, the system will omit this information as it may not be relevant for some practices to show here.

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