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OrthoTrac: Using the Snapshot Module

OrthoTrac: Using the Snapshot Module

The snapshot module enables you to add a patient or responsible party photo to the patient chart. The patient photo is displayed on the Patient Information window and the Contact Experts results window. If you have selected the Patient and Responsible Party checkboxes on the CS OrthoTrac Configuration window (Options > Environment > Miscellaneous), the photo is also displayed on the CS OrthoTrac Patient Lookup window.

Note: To compress the size of snapshot files loaded prior to version 9.0, contact your software support provider.

To add a patient snapshot to the patient chart:

Select Functions > Patient Chart > Snapshot. The CS OrthoTrac Patient Lookup window is displayed.

  • Select the Patient option button.
  • Click Frontal or Lateral. The Import Image window is displayed.
  • Open the folder where you capture patient photos and select the appropriate photo. Click Open. The photo is opened in the Snapshot window.
  • Click Save to save the photo or click Close to close the window without saving.
  • Repeat the above steps to include a lateral photo of the patient.
  • To attach a photo of the responsible party for this patient (which is displayed on the Responsible Party Information window), click the Responsible Party option button and follow the steps described above.

CS OrthoTrac displays the most recent snapshot after the image is loaded and closed in the patient chart.

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