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OrthoTrac: Version 14 - Full Treatment Dates (Including Start Date) Pulled into Multiple Other Areas

OrthoTrac: Version 14 - Full Treatment Dates (Including Start Date) Pulled into Multiple Other Areas


In OrthoTrac, the Start Date, Estimated Completion Date, and Completion Date from the Full Treatment tab on the Patient Information screen / Charting screen get used for various other areas of the software, including Contact Experts searches, bracket tray covers, letters, insurance claims, and more. Because these dates are used for so many different places in the software, it was originally decided to use the dates from the Full Treatment tab specifically rather than asking which set of dates should be used for every function that reads that information.

Unfortunately this has led to behavior in the OrthoTrac software that is either not anticipated by some practices, or is causing issues with some functions, including:

1.  Entering a Start Date in the financials section of OrthoTrac will place those dates into the Start Date field on the Full Treatment tab of the patient's main information screen / Charting screen, rather than placing it into the Phase I or Observation tab.

2.  The Start Date from the Full Treatment tab is used to populate the "Appliance Placed" field in newly entered insurance claims; however, if an insurance claim was entered into the system prior to version 14 (when there was only a single Start Date available in the system), and a new start date is entered for the Full Treatment phase, that newly entered date will populate the Appliance Placed date for any previously entered claims as well as new claims. 


These issues have been reported to Development and will be corrected in a later version of OrthoTrac.    The OrthoTrac Development team is currently investigating different ways of handling the multiple dates in the various areas of the software.

[[Article ID:   CR12681 / 3601CTEL85 / DE39255]]


I've noticed that when I have dates entered in the Phase 1 tab but not the Full Treatment tab that when I was going through one or two of my Office Expert reports that these patients were showing up as missing dates. We also noticed that when we reverted back to the original tx card  that the phase 1  patients don't have an active green/red timeline bar anymore. 

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