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OrthoTrac: Version 14 - How to Minimize, Reactivate or Dock the Standalone Light Bar

OrthoTrac: Version 14 - How to Minimize, Reactivate or Dock the Standalone Light Bar


How can you minimize and un-minimize the standalone Light Bar?


Version 14 and higher of OrthoTrac requires the standalone Light Bar (compared to previous versions of OrthoTrac, which had it as an option).The Light Bar can be dragged and resized like any windowed program.  You may also minimize it by clicking the Minimize button at the top of the Light Bar.  Below is a screenshot showing the Minimize button highlighted in red.

When minimized, the standalone Light Bar does not create an item on the Windows taskbar like other OrthoTrac programs such as Charting do; instead, it creates a tiny minimized window just above the taskbar, in the bottom left-hand corner of the Windows desktop (above the Start menu button). Below is a screenshot of the Light Bar running in minimized mode (the area highlighted in red). 

The Light Bar can be un-minimized by clicking on the "Maximize" button on that window (the area highlighted in green in the above screenshot), or you can also click the "Lightbar 2.0" icon which appears in the system tray (in the bottom right next to the system clock). In the below screenshot, the "Lightbar 2.0" icon is highlighted in red. 

This icon is generally visible any time the Light Bar is running. If it is not visible, click the "Expand" option in the system tray to display all running applications.  The "Expand" icon will look different depending on your Windows operating system but usually looks like an upwards-pointing arrow or triangle.  In the below screenshot it is highlighted in red. 

Additional formatting for the Light Bar is available by right-clicking on the Lightbar 2.0 icon.  You will see the following menu:

"Dock" allows you to relocate the Light Bar to a specific location on the screen (at the top, left, right or bottom of the screen).  Locations available via Dock will vary depending on your screen's resolution.  If the Light Bar is already docked, the option will change to "UnDock". If you select UnDock, the Light Bar will revert to being free-floating. 

The "Show Graph" option determines whether or not the appointment statistics graph appears at the bottom of the Light Bar. 

Finally, the "Always On Top" option allows you to determine whether or not the Light Bar is always on top of other windows.  Uncheck this option if you wish to allow other windows to open on top of the Light Bar.

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I understand the above instruction regarding location of the Lightbar 2.0 icon. But you might want to add this information as well, to the following above stated instruction, "This icon is generally visible any time the Light Bar is running or when Patient Flow is running". I say this only because sometimes the icon is not visible. By clicking the Patient Flow icon in the menu, a second time, our office was able to reload the Lightbar icon in the tray below. I might also mention, when I contact Orthotrac Support to address the issue of the Lightbar always being on top, the tech support person stated there was not a way to change it. Only with further investigation on my own was I able to find the above instruction.

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