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OrthoTrac: Version 14 - Phases of Treatment Information

OrthoTrac: Version 14 - Phases of Treatment Information


In version 14, where are the new Phases of Treatment located? Where does this information come from and how can it be changed?


Version 14 of OrthoTrac introduced a new section on the main Patient Information screen and in the new Charting. This section, Phases of Treatment, now lists three different phases of clinical treatment (Phase I, Full Treatment and Observation). Additionally, the field "Banding Date" was renamed to "Start Date" to accomodate these new phases.

To access this information in Charting, click the downward-pointing arrow just above Treatment History:

You will see this screen:

This panel shows information about appointment compliance for the patient during their entire patient history (the appointment compliance information is not specific to that phase of treatment), plus notes for that specific phase of treatment.  The bar at the top shows the current phase of treatment the patient is in, as well as a progress bar.  A green progress bar indicates the patient is still in their estimated treatment time.  A red progress bar indicates the patient is past their estimated treatment time. 

The different phases of treatment can be accessed by clicking the tabs at the bottom:

You can edit the information for each phase by clicking the pencil icon at the top of that screen. 

The Phases of Treatment information may also be accessed from the main Patient Information screen of OrthoTrac:

Again, you may click on each individual phase's tab to select that phase and enter notes or dates. 

NOTE: Clients who use the Zuelke Module are limited to only the Full Treatment phase as of this writing (April 2018). This is due to limitations in the way the Zuelke Module handles treatment info. We hope to have full functionality for all three phases available in a future version.

When clients are updated to version 14, all patients who are in active treatment (defined as patients who had a Banding Date but no Completion Date) will be moved to the Full Treatment phase. To change the phase of treatment that the patient is in, click the desired treatment phase tab and enter dates for that phase. To end a treatment phase, enter a completion date for that phase.

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