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OrthoTrac: What do All the Numbers on the Patient Flow Report mean?

OrthoTrac: What do All the Numbers on the Patient Flow Report mean?

The patient flow report provides a report of the length of time that a patient was in a specific patient flow location. The report shows the shortest, longest and average times that the patient was in a specific location. It also shows when the patient was not in a specific location such as the operatory or check out desk. This report also shows the total time the patient was in the office. This report can be used to help determine if the patients are being seen in a timely manner or not and helps show when there are slower periods in specific locations.

***NOTETo see a complete description of the report and columns refer to the Patient Flow Report,  Patient Flow Report - Box 1, and Patient Flow Report - Box 2. The "Patient Flow Report" attachment contains the entire report.  The other two attachments contain a section of the main report with the descriptions of the fields contained in those sections.  All of these documents are displayed below and attached to this article.

Sometimes there may be negative numbers on the reports in the location columns, which indicate that there was a difference between 1 or more computer system times.  Patient Flow reports will not be accurate unless all computers system times are synchronized.

If a patient is put into more than one chair during one visit (which we do not recommend), the total time in chairs will be combined and reported correctly as a total. However, the patients per chair numbers will be inflated, and the assistant time tracking will be affected. Only the last assistant who worked with the patient is credited with the patient's total chair time.

***NOTEAt the end of the report is a line for 'Patients Seen in this Office.'  The column Office Totals on that row may not be the sum of the previous columns.  The Office Totals for 'Patients Seen in this Office' includes cancels and no-shows.

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