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OrthoTrac: eServices - Error "Workstation is not Configured to Allow Posting of Autopayments"

OrthoTrac: eServices - Error "Workstation is not Configured to Allow Posting of Autopayments"


When attempting to post auto payments the following message is displayed:

OrthoTrac Auto Payment Processing. You have selected to process auto payments, but this workstation is not configured to allow posting of autopayments!

You must either configure this workstation to allow auto payments or got to a workstation already configured to allow auto payments.


There is a setting in the eServices Setup screen that turns this function on and off.  Verify that there is a check in the Allow this workstation to process auto payments box.

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac click Functions > Maintenance/Setup >eServices Setup.

2.  Click the Allow this workstation to post auto payments box.

3.  Click Close to save the changes.

If you are using ACH, try the following steps:

1.  Select Functions > Maintenance/Setup > eServices Setup from the main menu of OrthoTrac.
2.  Click the Electronic ACH box.

3. Click the Configure button to the right of Electronic ACH Service.

4.  Navigate to the ACH folder under the OMS folder on the server (usually U:\OMS\ACH).

NOTE: If you do not see and ACH folder on the server contact Electronic Services 800.944.6365.

5.  Select the ACH folder on server.  (U:\OMS\ACH)

6.  Click OK.

7.  Click Close in the eServices Setup window.
8.  Click OK to the message regarding exiting OrthoTrac.

9.  Restart OrthoTrac and now try to add ACH auto payments.

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