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Orthotrac Cloud Appears Frozen / Unresponsive - How to Close Applications in Citrix Receiver

Orthotrac Cloud Appears Frozen / Unresponsive - How to Close Applications in Citrix Receiver

You may be aware that when running programs locally on your PC, you can press CTRL-ALT-DEL  and select Task Manager to bring up a list of running programs, which you can then force to exit by selecting the "End Task" option.  However, this process does not work for Orthotrac Cloud applications.  Because all applications run through Citrix Receiver, if you close and reopen Citrix Receiver, the same applications that were locked in the Citrix session will still be locked after restarting it.

To reset locked or frozen Cloud applications, follow the below steps:

Terminating Applications through Citrix Receiver

1.  Right-click the Citrix Receiver then left-click Online Sessions, Connection Center.   (in some versions, right-click Citrix Receiver, then left-click About, Advanced, Connection Center.)

2.  Under ICA Connections, select the executable for the process you were running when the system froze.  (Within Orthotrac -- applications like Chart.exe for Charting,  Popname.exe for patient lookup, etc..  You can also select the full application itself, such as Outlook Cloud for the Outlook Cloud application, and so on).

3.  Click the Terminate button. (On the right, under Application.)

This will close the locked / hung session and you can then reopen the process if needed.

If this process does not work, follow the below steps:

Resetting Citrix Receiver Session

1.  Right-click the Citrix receiver (in the system tray) then left-click Exit.

2.  Wait for three minutes.  (This is necessary to allow all applications to time out).

3.  Click Start, All Programs, Citrix, Citrix Receiver.

4.  Restart OrthoTrac.  If the issue is still not resolved at that point, please contact Orthotrac Support at 866-722-2567 or   to have the session reset.

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