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Orthotrac Cloud: Installing Citrix Receiver / Orthotrac Cloud on an iPad or iPhone Device

Orthotrac Cloud: Installing Citrix Receiver / Orthotrac Cloud on an iPad or iPhone Device

The attached document provides steps for installing Citrix Receiver / Orthotrac Cloud on an iPad tablet or iPhone smart phone.  You may download the document to your PC by right-clicking the link at the bottom of this page and selecting Save As, or simply follow the below instructions.

1.  Download the Citrix Receiver app from the app store.

2. Choose Add Account. Note that the below screenshots are for an iPhone but the process is similar on an iPad.

3.  Enter the address  .

4.  Tap Next to continue, then enter the following info for Username, Password and Domain:

Username: Enter the username supplied by Sales/Support.  Ex:  Smith106  .

Password: Enter the password supplied by Sales/Support.   If the password has been changed since it was originally set up, you will need to enter the current password or contact Support at 866-722-2567 to have the password reset.


5.  Tap Save and the program should connect.  Tap the plus sign to open the application list and then tap the OrthoTrac Cloud icon to start the program.

6.  Once the OrthoTrac logon screen appears, select the staff member from the pull-down list.  You will then need to select the Keyboard function of Citrix Receiver to enter the password   (see Logging In below).

Logging In:

1.  Tap the triangle icon at the top of the screen to access the Citrix Receiver menu.

2.  Tap Keyboard on the menu.  This menu may look slightly different depending on iPhone or iPad versions, but it should always contain a Keyboard icon.

3.  Type the password using the onscreen keyboard and tap OK on the Staff Login window.

The keyboard will be accessed in the same way any time it is needed to enter information in OrthoTrac.

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