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Orthotrac Cloud - No Printers Except PDF Printers are Listed in OrthoTrac or Microsoft Word - All Printers Missing

Orthotrac Cloud - No Printers Except PDF Printers are Listed in OrthoTrac or Microsoft Word - All Printers Missing

Sometimes when you try to print from Orthotrac Cloud, no printers except the "novaPDF"  printer appear in the drop-down list.  All other printers are missing from the list.  This problem can have multiple causes.

Duplicate PC names

1.  When a Citrix connection is made, all local printers are registered on the Citrix application server.  Having duplicate computer names causes problems on the application server which may result in locally installed printers not showing in the printers list in OrthoTrac.  All computer names for the practice should be unique across ALL of your locations.  Please check this first as it is the most common cause of this issue!   To quickly check the computer name, right-click on the "Computer" icon on your desktop and select "Properties".  The PC name appears in the section "Computer name, domain and workgroup settings".   This name needs to be unique for each computer in each office location that you have.

Example:  If you have two computers named "FRONTDESK", even if one of them is in one office and the other is in another office, this will cause issues.  Rename one of the PCs to "FRONTDESK-1" to prevent this issue from recurring.

Once duplicate PC names have been corrected, restart the computer and restart Orthotrac Cloud and you will be able to select printers properly again.

Network Disconnect

2.  If the printer list is not correct, there may have been a network drop or disconnect caused by issues with your local ISP, which caused the printers to be lost.  This issue can usually be resolved by exiting Orthotrac and Citrix Receiver and relaunching Citrix Receiver.  This causes the printer list to be re-read for Orthotrac.

Using Same Cloud ID on More than One PC

3.  This problem can also occur if you are trying to use the same Citrix user ID on more than one workstation.  This causes the second workstation that logs in to "steal" the printers and then one or both of the workstations will not have the correct printer list.   Correct any issues with duplicated usernames first, using the troubleshooting steps from the following two knowledge pages:

Orthotrac Cloud: How to Determine / Identify Which User is Logged into Citrix Receiver on a Workstat...


Orthotrac Cloud - Changing or Deleting the Saved Citrix Receiver Username / Password on a Workstatio...

Once any duplications are corrected, have the affected workstations exit Orthotrac and Citrix Receiver and restart.  This will reread the printers list and it should be correct at that point.

If all of these troubleshooting steps do not correct the problem, please contact Orthotrac Support at 866-722-2567 for additional assistance.

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