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Orthotrac Cloud is Running Slowly - Speed Troubleshooting Suggestions

Orthotrac Cloud is Running Slowly - Speed Troubleshooting Suggestions

If Orthotrac Cloud appears to be running slowly on your system, here are several troubleshooting steps you can try.

1. To start with, check your Internet speed.  The System Requirements documentation is a good reference point as it provides the bare minimum of speeds that are considered acceptable.  Minimum requirements differ depending on how many simultaneous connections / workstations you have in your practice, so please check the System Requirements documentation for exact information.   Current absolute MINIMUM requirements are as follows.  Obviously, the higher the Internet speeds, the faster the response will be.

1-5 Users:  3 Mbps Download / 1 Mbps Upload
6-10 Users:  5 Mbps / 2 Mbps
11-19 Users: 15 Mbps / 3 Mbps
20+ Users:  25 Mbps / 5 Mbps

There are many websites that will check Internet speeds.  Three widely used examples are   ,  and   .

What are the results?  If the speeds produced are below the minimum requirements, you will need to contact your ISP to resolve.  This is the cause of 99% of Orthotrac Cloud-related speed issues.

2.  Are the speeds consistent across multiple tests or do they vary widely from one test to the next?  If so, you should contact your ISP.  This may indicate network congestion, trouble with local area lines, or trouble with the network connection in the office.

3.  Does the workstation have multiple copies of Chart.exe, TxCard.exe, or Ticket.exe  open which are causing issues?  If you do, close the extra copies of those processes.  For more information see the article Orthotrac Cloud Appears Frozen / Unresponsive - How to Close Applications in Citrix Receiver.

If your speeds are consistently above the minimum requirements and you do not have multiple copies of Orthotrac executables open, please contact Orthotrac Support at 866-722-2567  or   for assistance.

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