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Orthotrac - Error "Another Workstation is in the Process of Updating Patient Flow At This Time" When Attempting to Open Patient Flow on a Workstation

Orthotrac - Error "Another Workstation is in the Process of Updating Patient Flow At This Time" When Attempting to Open Patient Flow on a Workstation


When attempting to load Patient Flow, the following error is displayed:


This error is caused by more than one workstation trying to initially load Patient Flow at the same time.  Patient Flow should be opened only on one workstation until it has completed loading successfully.  Once it has loaded successfully, all PCs may access it with no issues.

If this error occurs, it can be corrected by using the Support utility ULoadPF.exe  . For version 12.2 and higher of OrthoTrac, this utility can be run from the menu, as below.

Reloading Patient Flow from the Support Utilities menu

1.  Exit ALL workstations from OrthoTrac except for a single PC.

2.  On that single PC, from the main OrthoTrac toolbar, select Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Support, Reload Patient Flow.

NOTE:  If the Support option is not visible under Maintenance/Setup  (it should be at the very bottom of the list),  select Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Security.  Under "By Staff", select the staff member who should have access to the Support utilities.  Select Maintenance from the categories on the left and then set "Support Utilities" to Yes.  Then restart OrthoTrac for the change to take effect. Then begin again with step 1.

3.  A window will appear stating that patient flow is being reloaded and will then disappear.

4.  When the utility completes, launch Patient Flow normally by selecting Functions, Patient Flow from the main menu.

5.  Once Patient Flow loads successfully, all other workstations may bring Orthotrac back up.

Version 12.1 and Below -- How to Run UloadPF.exe on the Server

1.  Click Options, Environment from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Make a note of the Server Path.

3.  Click Start, Run from the Windows task bar.

4.  Enter the path noted in step 2 followed by uloadpf.exe.  Example:  U:\OMS\uloadpf.exe 

5.  Click OK.  The utility will run and close. After it closes, open Patient Flow as normal.

NOTE: If the utility displays the following error message:

"Patient flow records have been processed for today [today's date here]. Patient flow should be re-loaded from the patient flow icon on the main menu."

Then close the error message, reopen OrthoTrac, and try to access patient flow from the main menu. It should prompt to archive all records and re-load from today's appointments, as normal.

If running the utility does not resolve the issue, please contact Orthotrac Support at 866-722-2567  to have the patient flow records corrected.

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