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Orthotrac - How to Add a Microsoft Word Mail Merge Insert Fill-in Field into a Letter (Prompt for Additional Information)

Orthotrac - How to Add a Microsoft Word Mail Merge Insert Fill-in Field into a Letter (Prompt for Additional Information)

Mail merge fields are fields which will pull specific pieces of information into Orthotrac word processing letters.  However, sometimes you want to be prompted to enter your own custom information when posting a letter  (for example, a contract length which varies from patient to patient, or some other piece of information which is not available in Orthotrac itself). 

The solution is to use a Microsoft Word mail merge insert fill-in field.  These fields are a function of Microsoft Word itself.  For more details on using these fields, see the Help menu in Microsoft Word.

To add mail merge insert fill-in fields to a letter:

1.  Click Functions, Word Processing, Letter Setup from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Select the letter from the list.

3.  Click the Change Letter button.

4.  When the Change Letter window is displayed, click the Edit Letter button.  The Edit Letter button may be displayed as Edit Patient Letter, Edit Responsible or Edit Doctor Letter based on the Addressee of the letter.

5.  Place the cursor in the letter where the merge field should be inserted.

6.  Locate the Mail Merge Insert Fill-in button.   (When using Word 2007 or higher the OrthoTrac custom buttons appear under Add-Ins.)  The button is highlighted in red in the below screenshot.  Click the button to insert the field.

7.  When the Insert Word Field: Fill-in window is displayed, click in the Prompt text box.

8.  Type the description of the information that will be used in the letter. Example: "Enter the Doctors Name."   The description is what will be displayed to help indicate what information must be added when posting the letter. The example above will prompt the person that is posting the letter to enter the patient's doctor's name.

9.  Press <Tab> on the keyboard.

10.  Enter the optional default text in the Default fill-in text text box.  Entering information in the Default fill-in text text box is used when most of the fill-in information will be the same.   This is done so that the default does not have to be typed each time.  This is an option and should only be used if most answers will be the same; otherwise, leave the field blank.  Note that even if default text is entered, the default can always be overridden with new info when the prompt appears during merging. 

11.  Click the OK button.

12.  When the Microsoft Word window is displayed, type a title for the merge field in the text box.  This will default to whatever was entered for the Default fill-in text in the previous step, but does not have to be the same.   This title serves as a placeholder to indicate visually in the letter text exactly where this merged information will be displayed.

13.  Click the OK button.

14.  The Merge fill-in field is now displayed in the letter.

15.  Click File, Save to save the changes to the letter.

16.  Click File, Exit to close Microsoft Word.

17.  Click the OK button on the Change Letter window.

18.  When the System Update message is displayed click on the OK button.

19.  Click on the Close button on the Letter Setup window.

20.  Post and print the letter to verify that the merge field is prompting to fill in the information when printing / previewing the letter.

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