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Orthotrac - How to Remove (Delete) a Day from the Schedule in Schedule Maintenance

Orthotrac - How to Remove (Delete) a Day from the Schedule in Schedule Maintenance

To remove a day from the calendar without printing a no-show report, remove the day through schedule maintenance.  Patients still scheduled for past days will be counted as No Shows for their appointments.  Patients that are still on the schedule for future days will have the appointments cancelled (the appointments will be marked as Cancelled by Office).  Appointments that are marked as cancelled in this way will not show in the patient’s appointment history. The cancelled appointment will only show in Patient Tracking if Cancellation Appt. History is selected in Patient Tracking Options.

To delete the day through Schedule Maintenance:

1.  Click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Schedule Maintenance from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Click Remove Days.

3.  Click Yes to the warning message This procedure will remove schedule days for a range of dates. Any appointments found within the date range selected will be changed to 'NoShow' for past dates and 'Cancelled by Office' for future dates. Are you sure you want to proceed?  .

4.  Enter the Start Date in the format MMDDYYYY.

5.  Enter the End Date in the format MMDDYYYY.

6.  Click OK.

7.  If the date range selected is in the future, you will see a warning message The range you have selected will remove days for future dates. Are you sure you want to proceed?    

This is your last chance to cancel the process.  Make sure that the date range you have entered is correct before clicking Yes to this message. Once the deletion process is started it cannot be undone.

If you have entered the correct date range, click Yes to continue.

8.  If prompted to do so, select the Schedule Office location to be deleted.

9.  Click OK.

10.  Click Close in the Schedule Maintenance window.

NOTE:  If you mistakenly deleted a date in the future and need a list of appointments for that day so they can be rescheduled when the day is re-added to the schedule, please see the knowledge page Orthotrac: How Can I Print a List of Appointments for a Schedule Day that Was Deleted By Mistake?

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