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Orthotrac - Insurance Claims are Not Lining Up Properly Within the Margins When Printing

Orthotrac - Insurance Claims are Not Lining Up Properly Within the Margins When Printing

NOTE:  It is important to be aware that we can only guarantee that claim forms will print properly if they came from our supplier, RR Donnelley  (call 800-401-9771 to purchase laser ADA2012 or ADA2006 claim forms).   Minor variations in spacing and printing mean that if the forms came from anyone else (Top Form, printout of form from ADA website, photocopies of previously used forms, etc.), we cannot guarantee that the spacing will match what is hard coded in Orthotrac. The utility detailed below can help, but sometimes the only solution is to purchase the forms from the correct supplier.

When printing insurance claims, sometimes they do not line up properly.  This is commonly the case with forms that did not come from our supplier, RR Donnelly.  We have provided a utility program, Usetmar.exe that will assist in setting the print margins of the forms in OrthoTrac.  When using the utility, select the printer that claims are being printed to. Change the margins a little at a time and print a test claim.  Then run the utility again as necessary.  Always close the utility before testing another claim.

When using the usetmar.exe utility to change the printer margins the changes made will affect all reports and documents printed from that printer.  It may be necessary to readjust the printer using this utility when printing a different report.  Additionally, this is an individual computer setting, which means that this will only fix claims that are being printed from this computer.   Any other computer having this problem will have to have its margins set using the same utility.

Sometimes it is not possible to get inkjet printers to line up insurance forms correctly.  Carestream does not recommend inkjet printers for use with OrthoTrac.   For additional information refer to the System Requirements.

NOTE that as of version 12.2 of OrthoTrac, the Usetmar utility is available from a hidden menu option.  It no longer has to be launched directly from the \OMS folder.

Enabling Access to the Utility  (Version 12.2 and Higher):

1.  From the main OrthoTrac menu, click Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Security.   Note that this must be done by a staff member who has access to Security functions.

2.  Select By Staff, then choose the staff member who is to have access to the function.

3.  Select Maintenance from the categories on the left.

4.  Scroll to the bottom and set Support Utilities to Yes.

5.  Click OK to close the window.

6.  Restart OrthoTrac for the change to take effect.

Accessing the Utility

Version 12.2 and Higher   (Cloud clients must use this method):

1.  On the computer used to print claims, sign into OrthoTrac as the user that was given permissions in the previous section.

2.  Click Functions, Maintenance/Setup, Support, Set Margins.

Prior to Version 12:

1.  Click Start, Run on the Windows Start menu of the computer used to print claims.

2.   Type: c:\oms\usetmar.exe   and press Enter.

NOTE: If OrthoTrac was installed to a directory other than the root directory, C:\oms, substitute the correct path to the oms folder.

Using the Utility

1.  Launch the utility using one of the two methods shown above.

2.  Click Select Printer and choose the printer where the claims will be printed.

3.  Click Test Printer and follow the instructions on the page printed. (The test prints a page with a large box.  Measure the distance from the left side of the page to the left side of the box.  It should be exactly one inch.  Measure the distance from the top of the page to the top of the box.  It should be exactly one inch.).

4.  When the print is printing too high on the claim, make the Top Margin a larger number, if it prints too low on the page, make the Top Margin number smaller.

5.  When the print is printing too far left on the page, make the Right Margin number larger; if it prints too far right, make the Right Margin number smaller. (This seems counter-intuitive, but it is correct).

6.  Repeat the steps above until the top/left corner of the page is exactly one inch from the top/left corner of the printer alignment box.

7.  Click Close.

8.   Verify that the claims now print correctly.

NOTE:  In the event that the claims are still not aligned repeat steps 1 through 8 above until the claims print correctly.  Also verify that the correct claim is being used.  In rare cases where the claims are still not aligned properly, check to ensure that the claims are not copies of the original forms.  The forms cannot be copied with a copier or they will not be aligned properly.  To order insurance claim forms, contact our supplier, RR Donnelley, at 800-401-9771.

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