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Orthotrac - Patient Flow Displays a '+', '@' or '*' by the Patient's Name

Orthotrac - Patient Flow Displays a '+', '@' or '*' by the Patient's Name

The + , * and @ signs mean that comments have been added to patient flow.

The + sign is a staff comment that can only be seen by the staff members in the Patient flow window.  The staff comment may have been added to the appointment on the schedule at the time the appointment was made, but can also be added manually as seen below.

The * is a short comment for the patient to see when they check in.   These comments can be added by double clicking the patient's name in the patient flow window.  When the Change Patient Location window is displayed, type the comment in the appropriate Comment text boxes.  This comment will then display on the check-in screen in the Special Instructions field when the patient checks themselves in.

The @ symbol indicates that there is a check-in message in the patient's chart for that appointment.  This type of message prevents the patient from being able to check in.  When the patient attempts to check themselves in, a generic message will display informing the patient that they must see a receptionist. (The patient will not see the exact message entered in the Check-in Msg box -- that message is for staff to know why the patient is being prevented from checking themselves in). Like the patient comment, the check-in message can be added by double-clicking the patient's name in the patient flow window and entering the comment in the Check-in Msg box of the Change Patient Location window.

NOTE:  After entering a patient comment or check-in message it is necessary to change the patient's New Location back to Not Here. This must be done before clicking the OK button at the bottom or the patient will be moved automatically to the next stage of patient flow (usually Lobby) and will not appear on the check-in screen.

To modify any of these three messages:

1.  Click Functions, Patient Flow from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Double-click the patient's name.

3.  Click in the Patient Comment text box, if needed, to add a short comment for the patient to see when they check in.

4.  Type the comment for the patient.

5.  Press <Tab>.

6.  Enter a Staff Comment, if needed, in the Staff Comment text box. This type of comment can only be seen by office staff.

7.  Press <Tab>.

8.  Enter a Check-In Msg, if needed, in the Check-In Msg text box. The exact message entered here will only be seen by the staff. The patient will see a generic message advising them to see the receptionist to check them in.

9.  Click Not Here under the New Location section.

10.  Click OK.

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