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Procedure Codes Are Being Posted in Charting But Are Not Being Calculated in the Procedure Monitors on the Daysheet

Procedure Codes Are Being Posted in Charting But Are Not Being Calculated in the Procedure Monitors on the Daysheet


When checking patients out in Charting, the procedures posted are not being tracked in the Procedure Monitors on the daysheet.


The Procedure Monitors only tracks the procedures that have been posted in the financial charge/pay window.  Procedures posted only in Charting will not be tracked.   Additionally, the Procedure Monitors must be setup properly in Daysheet Maintenance.   Verify that the Procedure Monitors are setup properly to track the procedures being posted from the financial charges window.  Confirm that the procedures in question are set up to be tracked in Patient Tracking.  Verify that the procedures are being posted in patient tracking.

How to Set Up the Daysheet Procedure Monitors

NOTE:  Before starting this process be sure to close the daysheet for all locations and all doctors.  This process should be done when there are no patients in the office. Changes to the daysheet monitors require the system to recalculate the monitors.   During the recalculation process all computers must remain out of OrthoTrac.

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Daysheet Setup.

2.  Enter the password for daysheet setup.  The password window will not be displayed when OrthoTrac is not setup to use passwords in Security maintenance.

3.  Click the OK button.

If the following message is displayed:

Click OK then click Close.  Close the daysheet for all locations and all doctors, then begin the process again.

4.  Click the Monitors tab.

5.  Click the Procedure Monitors option.

6.  Click the Print button.

7.  Click Print All Monitors.

8.  Click the OK button.

9.  Select the desired printer from the print options window and click OK.

10.  When the monitors report has been printed, verify that the desired procedures are being tracked under the desired procedure monitor categories.

NOTE:  To change the procedures being tracked follow the instructions below.  When they are correct, click Close to exit the daysheet setup window.

12.  Select the desired procedure monitor category to change the procedures being tracked.  In the example above the New Pt Exams category is selected.
13.  Double click the desired procedure from the Available Procedures listing to move it to the Selected Procedures list.
14.  To remove a procedure that should not be in the Selected Procedures list, double click on it.
15.  Repeat steps 13 and 14 until all the desired procedures are listed in the Selected Procedures list.
16.  Repeat steps 12 through 14 for the other 7 categories as desired.
17.  When all the procedure monitors are setup as desired, click on the Apply button.
18.  Click the Update button.

19.  Click Yes to the Daysheet Setup message about recalculating the monitors.

20.  Click the Close button.

How to Set Up Procedures to be Tracked in Patient Tracking

1.  Select Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Procedure Code Maintenance from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

2.  Select the procedure from the list and click Change.

3.  Click Track for Patient Tracking to place a check in the box.

4.  Click OK.

5.  Click Close in the Procedure Code Maintenance window.

How to Verify the Procedures are Displaying in Patient Tracking

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Patient Chart, Patient Tracking.

2.  Select the desired patient from the OrthoTrac Software Patient Look-up window.

3.  Click the OK button on the OrthoTrac Software Patient Lookup window.

4.  Click Display Options.

5.  Click the Procedures check box.

6.  Click the OK button.

7.  Click Save Changes.

8.  When the procedure history is displayed, verify that the procedures that should have been tracked are on the list.  If the procedures do not appear on the list, they were not posted on the patient's Financial screen and will not be tracked by Procedure Monitors.

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When we first started using OrthoTrac we had this issue and found out it was due to how people were checking out patients. During the checkout process many people don't see the "continue checkout" button just above and to the right of where scheduled appointments show up on the scheduling screen that pops up after you post and close the financial window. If for some reason another appointment is not being scheduled at that moment do not have your staff click on the "X" tab in the upper right corner to close the patient chart!!! There is a "continue checkout" button/link that must be clicked before closing the chart when your not scheduling another appointment. That "continue checkout"  button/link triggers the posting of the procedure codes into the procedure tracking.  Whenever you click on the "continue checkout" button it will ask if you need to print the appointment slip. You can then say yes or no to printing out an appointment slip and then the procedure codes will post in the procedure tracking. 

Good day Laura (sundberg101‌),

Thank you for pointing this out!  Yes, this is also a common cause of this issue.  Failure to check patients out properly can cause any number of issues, one of which is the one you described.  Maybe it's time for us to post a "How to Check Patients Out" article. 

Thanks for your feedback!


Phil Carter / Orthotrac Escalation

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