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Run Time Error 521: Can't Open Clipboard" When Merging or Printing Letters With Images

Run Time Error 521: Can't Open Clipboard" When Merging or Printing Letters With Images

Issue: When merging a letter in Orthotrac using the Edit function, or previewing/printing the letter, the following error message is displayed:

Run Time Error 521: Can't Open Clipboard

Solution: This error message is a Microsoft Windows error message which indicates an issue with the Operating System or Windows user profile. When merging information from Orthotrac into the Word document, it is the Windows clipboard that is used for this process.  The issue tends to occur most frequently when merging letters that include images.

Orthotrac Development is aware of this issue and is working on ways to get around this Windows limitation.  In the meantime, the following workarounds can be used to correct the issue if it occurs.

Add SlowImageMerge Command to Orthotrac Settings File

***NOTE:  Cloud clients who are experiencing issue will need to contact Support to have these steps performed.

1.  On the workstation experiencing the issue, go to Start, Run, type "OMS.INI" and press Enter.  The OMS.INI settings file is displayed.

2.  Locate the section beginning with the text [AWPS].

3.  Underneath the [AWPS] line, add a new line which reads:


4.  Save and exit the file.

This process will slow down image merging on that workstation only.  Letters with images will take longer to merge, but this will generally correct the issue.

If this does not correct the issue:

Change Letters to Use Thumbnailed Versions of Images
1.  From the main menu of Orthotrac, select Functions, Word Processing, Letter Setup.

2.  Locate the letter that is having issues.  Click it to highlight it and click Change Letter.

3.  Click "Edit Letter", "Edit Patient" or "Edit Responsible"  depending on the type of letter. 

(NOTE:  If there is more than one Edit button then both versions of the letter will need to be corrected.)

4.  The letter will display onscreen.  Locate the merge code for each image. Sample merge code is shown below:

5.  Change the second number in the set (in the example, the "1" after the "102") to a 2. Thus, after the change, the merge code would read:
Do not change any other numbers in the Imaging merge code, only the second number in the set.

6.  Repeat steps 4-5 for all other images in the letter.

7.  Save changes and exit the letter.

8. Click OK to close the Letter Setup window and save changes.

9. Post and print the letter again for any patients that require it.

If this does not correct the issue:

Create a Shortcut to Clear the Clipboard

A third possible workaround is to create a shortcut on the desktop running the following command on Windows 7 / Windows 10 systems.  It clears the clipboard manually.

1.  On the PC experiencing the issue, right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose New, Shortcut.

2.  Enter the following command into the Location field:  

cmd /c "echo off | clip"  

3.  Click Next and give the shortcut a name like "Clear Clipboard". 

This command should be run before merging any letters. 

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