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The Menu Option for eClaims is Grayed Out

The Menu Option for eClaims is Grayed Out

The option to process eClaims is unavailable. This is found by clicking Functions, Insurance Functions, eClaims from the main menu of OrthoTrac.


When installing electronic claims, the software is only installed on that one computer. Other computers can be setup to create electronic claims but will not be able to transmit them. To set other computers up to create electronic claims, follow the steps in the Solution below.

1. From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, eServices Setup.
2. Click the eClaims box to turn it on. Older versions of OrthoTrac may show this as Electronic Claims Service.
3. Click the Configure button next to the eClaims option. After the message, "Information populated successfully from DEF file" is displayed the EDI Utility window will open.
4. Verify the TIN and eServices Account numbers are in place as they should be.
NOTE: If the EDI Utility window opens, but the Provider TIN and Account No fields are all 9s, enter the tax ID number and eServices account number manually. the eServices account number will need to be provided by Support.  Please contact eServices Support at 888-730-9284. 
5. Click the Web Enabled box to turn on internet file transfer.
6. Click the Test button to test internet file transfer functionality. A message otedi – This test may take a couple of minutes to execute. Press OK to begin will be presented.
7. Click OK. A message will be returned that the test was a success.
NOTE: If a message is returned that the test failed, check the transmission window for the cause of the error. If it says Login Failed, either the tax ID number or account number does not match with what Support has on record for your office. Please contact eServices Support at 888-730-9284. 
8. Click OK.
9. Close the Ortho EDI Utility - Modem Settings window.
10. Restart OrthoTrac.

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