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The Patient's Dentist (Doctor) is Not Showing in Charting

The Patient's Dentist (Doctor) is Not Showing in Charting


The patient's dentist is not displaying in Charting.


Change the dentist's specialty to  either General Dentist or Pediatric Dentist.

1.  Open the Patient Information window for the patient.

2.  Make a note of the patient's doctor in the (Patient's name) Doctor box.

3.  Select Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Outside Doctor Information from the main menu of OrthoTrac.

4.  Double-click the doctor's name.

5.  Use the Specialty drop-down box to set the doctor's specialty to either General Dentist or Pedodontist.

6.  Click OK.

NOTE: Check to see if there are two entries for the doctor in the Outside Doctor Information listing.  If the doctor is listed twice there may be one entry where the doctor IS listed as a General Dentist or Pedodontist and one where he/she has a different specialty.  Either change both listings to have the General Dentist or Pedodontist specialty or delete one entry from the Outside Doctor Information. 

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In the V14 charting. The dentist does not show unless you click on the tooth.  Would it be possible to have the dentist name show where it says Dentist:  ??

Thanks, Laurie

NOTE to other readers:  This has been addressed in this response in a different thread: 

Phil Carter / OrthoTrac Escalations

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