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What Antivirus Software Settings are Suggested for OrthoTrac to Run Correctly?

What Antivirus Software Settings are Suggested for OrthoTrac to Run Correctly?

Anti virus software should be set to skip .doc and .dot files.  These files are used in OrthoTrac to post and print letters.  Anti virus software can also be set to scan the network.  Some considerations should be taken when setting every computer on the network to this feature.  When every computer attached to the network is scanning the network for viruses, the network performance level will drop.  For this reason it is advisable to turn this feature off on all but 1 computer.   This will still protect the network but will save networking resources thus improving overall performance and speed of the network.  For further information on changing the settings for a specific anti virus software, please refer to the software support for that specific anti virus software vendor.

There have been many calls about different anti-virus software finding OrthoTrac exe files and dll files to be viruses.  In the past, Orthotrac Development has attempted to contact major AV software companies to provide them a list of the files used by Orthotrac so they can be "whitelisted", or marked as "safe", but these efforts have proved fruitless. 

If one of OrthoTrac's exe or dll files are found to be a virus, either add them to the exclusion list or switch anti-virus software.  Skipping the entire OMS (and OMS-Spec) folder is problematic in that a virus COULD potentially land there due in no part because of OrthoTrac.

Attached is a list (as of OrthoTrac version of OrthoTrac's exe and dll files.


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I have the same issue with random dll files being generated with softdent under the user temp directory. calling support was frustrating. currently have a dirty exclusion for that user directory, not cool i know.

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