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What Can be Done With the Results of a Contact Expert Search?

What Can be Done With the Results of a Contact Expert Search?

Many things can be done with the results of a Contact Expert search.  Please see below for various options. 

Add Additional Fields to the Report
Clicking the Report button from the Contact Expert results window will generate a report that includes ONLY the patient's name. To include additional fields on the report, select them from the results window. Up to eight fields can be added to the report.
Once the additional fields have been added to the report the results window will show those fields. As a patient is selected from the list, their results for the selected fields will show.

View Photos
Clicking on the Photos button will show the snapshots for each of the patients in the results window.

Post Letters
1. Click the Letters button.
2. Select the letter to be posted and click OK.
3. Select Functions, Word Processing, Post and Print Letters from the main menu of OrthoTrac.
4. Double-click on the number in the Unprinted column to the right of the letter selected in step 2.
5. Select the letter(s) to be printed and click Print.

Print Labels
1. Click the Labels button.
2. Select the appropriate options and click Print. The labels are printed two across and ten up. Avery 5161 labels will accommodate this.

Print Cards
Use the Cards button to print Recall cards or Birthday cards.

Print a Report or Print to a File
Click the Report button.
Select the printer from the Selected Printer pull-down list. If a virtual printer such as a PDF printer (as shown) or Microsoft Office Document Image Writer or Microsoft XPS Document Writer is selected the report can be printed to a file.
To the left of the Selected Printer pull-down list is an icon of a piece of paper with a capital A. This can be used to change the orientation of the report..
Click the Export button to print the report to a file which can be imported into other programs such as Excel or used as a merge field source for programs such as Microsoft Word.
Browse to the location where the file should be saved and enter the file name in the File Name field and click Open.

The Export button exports data to a file that can be used by Housecalls. This option ignores whatever fields have been selected in the results screen and creates a comma delimited file designed specifically for Housecalls. To export to a file that includes the fields selected in the results screen see the section above: Print a Report or Print to a File.
NOTE:  Exporting a file for use by Housecalls to be used for patients with an appointment the next day is usually NOT done using Contact Experts. Contact West / Televox for more information about their hosted solution.

The Totals button in the Contact Experts results screen produces a quick view of the accounts receivable for the patients in the results of the search. The Totals button is not available if the search was for Responsible Parties. The Totals window shows a quick rundown of the accounts receivable as well as graphs.

The Restart button returns to the main Contact Experts search window. This allows a search to be modified without having to enter all of the search criteria again. If the current search has not been saved, OrthoTrac will ask if it should be saved before switching back to the search window.

Apply (Save)
The Apply button is used to save the search so it can be used in the future. Many users need to be able to run the same search regularly. By saving the report the search criteria and additional fields for a report do not have to be entered each time they are used.
To save a Contact Experts search, click the Apply button. (This can be done either from the search window or the results window.) OrthoTrac will prompt for a name for the search. Enter a name and click OK.

Responsible Parties/Patients
The Rsp Parties pull-down list shows the responsible parties for the patient selected in the results list. If the patient has a single responsible party the field does not have the pull-down capability and the responsible party is shown in gray rather than black.
If the search was for Responsible Parties the field becomes a patient field, showing the patients the responsible party is associated with.

The Remove button is used to eliminate a particular patient (or responsible party) from the report. Once a patient has been removed the Restore button is activated, allowing the patient to be restored to the report.

Open Patient Chart/Financial Functions/Charting
Double-clicking a patient (or responsible party) allows the user to select between opening the patient's chart, their financial functions, or Charting.

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