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When Opening the Patient Flow Window, the Charting/Patient Flow Lightbar is Missing

When Opening the Patient Flow Window, the Charting/Patient Flow Lightbar is Missing


The Charting/Patient Flow Light bar is missing.


The light bar shows up in both the Charting and Patient Flow modules but the light bar is a part of Charting, not Patient Flow.   If you have not purchased Charting, the Patient Flow light bar will not be displayed.  If you wish to purchase Charting, please contact the Sales department at 800-473-4355.

If Charting and Patient Flow are both active, this behavior will also occur if Patient Flow is set to not display the lightbar.  See below for the steps to check this setting.

If Patient Flow is set to display the lightbar but it still does not appear when Patient Flow is started, verify that the Lightbar.exe  is not missing from the \OMS  folder.  If the file is missing (for example, if it has been removed by an antivirus program), it will need to be restored before the lightbar will work.

Verifying the Lightbar Setting in Patient Flow

1.  From the main menu of OrthoTrac, click Functions, Maintenance/Set-up, Patient Flow Options.

2.  Select the Light Bar Options tab.

3.  Verify the check box setting is not set to Do not display Light Bar on this workstation.  If the check box has a check in it, the light bar will not be displayed in Patient Flow or Charting modules on this computer.   When the check box does not have a check in it, the light bar will be displayed in the Patient Flow and Charting screens on this computer.

4.  Click the OK button to save the changes.

5.  When the System Update message displays, click the OK button.

6.  Restart OrthoTrac.

7.  Test the setting by opening the Patient Flow window.

Verifying Whether Lightbar.exe  is Missing

1.  Browse to the directory where OrthoTrac is installed on the local computer (usually C:\OMS).

2.  Verify that the Lightbar.exe file is not missing.  The Lightbar.exe should not be confused with the Lightbar.exe.config file.  If Windows filename extensions are hidden, the Lightbar.exe.config  file will be displayed as Lightbar.exe but that is not the true filename. 

The Lightbar.exe file is the first one in the screenshot below, with the patient flow icon.

3.  If the Lightbar.exe is missing, determine whether or not it has been removed by the antivirus program.  If the antivirus has a Restore option, use that to replace the file.  Otherwise, copy the Lightbar.exe from the U:\OMS  folder on the server to the local machine's C:\OMS  folder.

4.  Launch Patient Flow and verify that the lightbar displays correctly.

5.  If the file was removed by the antivirus program, your local technician should be advised to set up proper exclusions for the \OMS folder.

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