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"Timeout Error Occurred While Connecting to the Server" on All Computers Including the Server

"Timeout Error Occurred While Connecting to the Server" on All Computers Including the Server

Issue:  When starting Orthotrac on all workstations, including the server, the following error is presented:

To resolve this issue, follow the below troubleshooting steps:

1.  Verify that a valid administrator user has logged into the server.  A user must be logged into the server for the Pwsvr.exe to run.  OrthoTrac has the capability to log an administrator onto the server then lock the server.  This is very important for practices with multiple locations.  If the server is NOT configured to log in automatically it may be necessary to send someone to the main office if the server restarts for any reason.  The steps below will turn on the automatic login.

How to Set the Server to Automatically Login to Windows
1.  From the Server, double-click the gold key on the Windows Task bar.

2.  Click the Options button.

3.  Click the Automatic Server Logon Configuration button.

4.  Click in the Automatic Server Logon check-box to place a check in the box.

5.  Enter Administrator in the User Name text box

6.  Enter the Administrator password in the Password text box.

7.  Click OK.

8.  Click Close to close the PracticeWorks Server window.

11.  Restart the server to verify that it logs into Windows automatically.

2.  Verify whether PWSvr is currently running by checking for the server key in the system tray of the license server.

If it is not visible, check the Task Manager to see if PWSvr.exe is listed in the Processes tab.  If it is listed, close the process and restart it. If it is not listed, launch PWSvr manually by browsing to the folder where it is located (by default, C:\OMS\PWSvr\) and double-clicking the PWSvr.exe file.

If the server key reappears and remains visible, try accessing OrthoTrac once more. The problem may be resolved.

3.  Remove all Pwsvr.exe files on all computers except from the license server.  Restart all of the computers.  If this does not resolve the issue, continue with the steps below.

4.  Check for invalid or corrupted files in the PWSVR folder location on the license server.

1.  Click Start, Run from the Windows start menu on the server itself.

2.  Type: PWClient.exe

3.  Click OK.

4.  Click Options.

5.  Make note of the path shown in the PracticeWorks Server Path box.

6.  Click Cancel.

7.  Click Close.

8.  Click Start, Run from the Windows start menu.

9.  Enter the path noted in step 5 and click OK.

10. Double-click the MSG folder.

11. If there are files with a name starting with 000, stop the PWSVR.

How to stop the PWSVR
This must be executed on the license server, which is usually the OrthoTrac data server.

Right-click the gold key in the system tray then left-click Exit PracticeWorks Server.

12.  Delete the files in the PWSVR\Msg folder that have a name starting with 000.

13.  Delete the Clientlist.dat file in the PWSVR folder.

14.  Double-click PWSvr.exe in the PWSVR folder to restart it.

If this does not resolve the problem, reinstall OrthoTrac on the license server to correct registry entries.

If these steps do not resolve the problem, please see additional troubleshooting information in the knowledge article  "Timeout Error Occurred While Connecting to the Server" on Some Computers Only, or Just One Computer.    These steps should be tried only after the steps in this article have been tried first.

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