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2020 CDT Update

Is there a timeline for the release of the 2020 CDT disc? Please place our office on the list to receive this update as soon as possible. 

Thank you.

Carolyn Barnett

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Re: 2020 CDT Update

Hello @carolyn621 


I pulled up your account and confirmed the office is running in CS PracticeWorks v9.1.0. 

As of v9.0.0.  PracticeWorks runs a weekly utility to check on our servers to see if a new set of CDT codes has been released and made available for download. Once the codes have been uploaded to the server and made available for the utility to find you will receive a prompt letting you know they are ready for download and installation.  If you confirm for it to download it will install and activate the codes.   

While this utility did the download and install of the 2019 codes as well, this will be the first year to use the CDT code injector utility to install the new codes set.  

This means that you no longer need to wait on an update for PracticeWorks to get the latest CDT code set.  My suggestion, however, is that when the codes become available and it starts prompting to install them, you cancel the download/installation until you are done seeing patients for the 2019 year.  If you install it early, it will change the current 2019 code list into the 2020 code list and any codes that are being discontinued on the 2020 list will be moved to the "Other" list and no longer show on the main code list.  If you are ok with having to look there for the period of time before Jan 1, you are more then welcome to allow the codes to install. 


If you have any more questions about it let me know.  Since this is the first year we're getting to see it fully functional as well, I personally haven't seen what exactly will happen once it starts prompting.  I'm working to gather some more information from the Dev team members that work on this functionality. I'll add more here if anything else is needed. 

Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst