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Premolar I

9.1 vs 10.2

I'd like to know the benefits/drawbacks of updating to 10.1. We are on 9.1 and like it.  We've had one issue with box 23 filling in an inaccurate ID# but otherwise no issues.  In the past when we've updated "a whole number" or more, there seems to be issues.  Thoughts?  Thanks!

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Hello @bnissen I'll give you a quick summary of some of the changes from 9.1 to 10.1.6

  • v10.0
    • CSI (imaging) v8 integration
    • improved security
      • login is now required to view the appt book. 
      • passwords are now required for every employee profile
      • passwords have a 5 Char minimum. 
    • You can now fully delete inactive clipboards
    • SSN is no longer a required item on clipboards to mark them as complete
    • some defect fixes
      • pt attachments can now
      • notes marked as alerts will show when the chart launches again
      • voice module training issue fixed. 
  • v10.1
    • Re-design for patient pick list (example)
    • 2019 claim form added
    • defects fixes
      • removing entries from the ledger doesn't jump to the top of the ledger
      • additional fixes 
  • v10.1.1
    • teledentistry additions
  • v10.1.2 - v10.1.4
    • Defect fixes
  • v10.1.5
    • Australia ADA code update
  • v10.1.6
    • option to disable the Load all images on the charting module
    • new taxonomy codes for multi-specialty and single-specialty groups
    • defect fixes
      • fixed imaging bridge issue with the latest version of CSI v8
      • additional fixes
Johnathan Downer | Technical Support Analyst
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Premolar I

I meant 10.1....

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