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Canine II

Active Patients With No Recall

Is there a PW report that lets us know all active patients who are not on recall?

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Premolar I

Re: Active Patients With No Recall

Robin -

You go to Experts-contact experts-recall.  A box pops up and you can select patients on recall, not on recall or everyone.  You can also choose active patients, inactive or everyone.  There's also an option to select "patients who have never had a prophy" to catch a new patient who maybe came in for comp exam and x-rays but never scheduled hygiene treatment or a patient who may have had scale and root planing but hasn't been back for their 4910. There's also options to search by date range as well.  I run this report monthly to make calls to fill open hygiene or to make sure no patients have "slipped through the cracks".  Works well for our office. Not sure if this helps?